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The Bruny Island Long Weekend is a Tasmanian owned, family run business. Founder, Robert Knight, has worked all over the world including 30+ trips to the Antarctic and 6 to the Arctic in a variety of roles ranging from restaurant manager in a 5 star restaurant on board a cruise ship to assistant expedition leader aboard a Russian ice-breaker. Robert has also worked for a number of Tasmanian tourism businesses particularly on and around Bruny Island.

As someone who is passionate about Bruny Island, he watched self-drive day visitors as they waited for the ferry to get on and off the island. He watched as they tried to race around the island in the few hours they had left and could not help but feel that they were missing what Bruny is all about. Although most visitors had enjoyed their day, the most common comment they made was “I wish I had allowed more time here. He knew there had to be a better way.

Rob, his partner Bec, and 2 year old son Henry live on Bruny Island. Even though Rob spends his working days on Bruny, he and his family love exploring the island when he has a few days off. On these days the family do the sort of things that kept them in Tasmania while many of their friends were moving interstate: walking, fishing, boating, eating good, fresh food and enjoying good company. These days on Bruny Island represent what is so special about the Tasmanian experience. The Bruny Island Long Weekend is a way to keep doing this forever and to share this experience with the world. The Bruny Long Weekend is the epitome of the classic Tasmanian Long Weekend at the shack. Robert, Bec and Henry invite you to experience it for yourself.