A Luxury Food & Walking Tour Bruny Island, Tasmania.

Despite being only 45 minutes by private boat from Tasmania’s capital city Hobart, Bruny Island seems another world away. With a population of just 650 permanent residents Bruny Island was, for many years, Tasmania’s best kept secret. In recent years, however, the island has come to capture the imagination and interest of Tasmanians and international visitors alike.

Lying off the south-east corner of Tasmania, at the edge of the Southern Ocean,  Bruny Island is blessed with spectacular rugged scenery, pristine beaches and an abundance of wildlife. The extraordinary beauty of the island has attracted a unique band of locals who use Bruny’s pure environment to craft and grow some of Tasmania’s finest foods. Tourism-Awards-Logos---Silver---Tour-and-Transport-Operators-2

The idea of a long weekend suggests a relaxed and indulgent approach to travel, almost a celebration. A Long Weekend on Bruny Island is total immersion into the best of Tasmania’s food, wildlife and scenery.

The Food

Almost 100% of the food we consume over the long weekend has been sourced from Bruny Island itself or within Tasmania. Our food miles are so low that in most instances, you will see where your food is produced on the same day that you eat it. You may even have met the person who made it.

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The Accommodation

Our exclusive accommodation is only available to guests of The Bruny Island Long Weekend.  Well secluded, on a private 100 acres this little haven represents the perfect place to retreat.  With most of our days spent in wild, powerful, coastal places, it’s nice to have a king size bed to come home to!

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The Walks

Bruny Island is a showcase of some of the most spectacular coastline in Tasmania. Our guided walks take you through varied terrain including beaches, rocky headlands, bush trails and rainforest. By the end of the Long Weekend you will feel like you know Bruny Island intimately.

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To find out what people say about us and what some of our previous guest think click below.

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The Island

Find out more about the wild yet magical island in the Southern Ocean we explore.

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The Wildlife

Bruny Island is such an exciting destination because it has such a diverse range of wildlife.

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