Bruny Island’s Food

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Our Food is what sets us apart.

Food is an element very closely connected with Bruny Island and an important part of The Bruny Island Long Weekend. For an island with around just 650 inhabitants, Bruny Island’s local produce is exceptional.

Almost 100% of the food we consume over the long weekend has been sourced from the island  itself or within Tasmania. Our food miles are so low that in most instances, you will see where your food is produced on the same day that you eat it. You may even have met the person who made it.

The cool, clean waters that surround Bruny island support an abundance of seafood and on land there are a number of well-known producers making cheese, growing wine, olives and berries, making fudge and farming lamb, goat, pork and native game. We endeavour to use them all.

We regularly change the menu depending on the season and what the local producers have for us that week. Check out the photo of one of our menus to the left to get an idea of what we serve. We have successfully catered for coeliacs, vegetarians, vegans and just about any dietary requirement you can imagine. We love the challenge of being creative with our produce.

We also serve an interesting range of top Tasmanian sparkling, wine and beers with our meals and will expose you to a number of great little boutique producers you could never find at home.

It is normally at some point during the evening that our claim to be a calorie neutral tour gets seriously questioned.

We invite you to come and dine in the deep south.