Why Choose Us?

1) Exclusive Accommodation

Our accommodation is only available to guests of The Bruny Island Long Weekend. Well secluded, on a private 100 acres on the edge of the South Bruny National Park, this little haven represents the perfect place to retreat.

Surrounded by towering Eucalypts and blackwood trees, our private reserve supports an abundance of endemic Tasmanian birdlife and marsupials. With most of our days spent in wild, powerful, coastal places, our camp is a sanctuary we can return to at the end of each day, as we change to a more introspective focus gathering round the fire in the dining room and sharing food and stories from the day.

Although the camp has been built completely ‘off the grid’, we are not without our creature comforts. Each tent contains a king-size bed with quality linen and the highlight, for many guests, is our hot outdoor shower, tucked away on one of the most beautiful parts of the property. Learn more about our Bruny Island Accommodation
Bruny luxury camp outdoor showertwo-seats-on-the-deck-of-our-dining-cabin-600x400luxury Tent

2) Exclusive Experiences and Access to Local Producers

What makes our trip so special is access to Bruny’s lesser-known gems. We explore Bruny Island in intimate detail in a way that the average visitor cannot.

For example, we don’t just stop in at the oyster outlet, we take our shoes off and go to the farm itself! We will shuck you an oyster (or teach you how to shuck it yourself) as pristine waters swirl about your ankles while you enjoy a refreshing elderflower cocktail.

oyster farmer  Enjoying Oysers

3) Private Access to Bruny Island from the Hobart Waterfront 

private boat to Bruny Island

We are the only operator with private access to and from the Hobart waterfront. Unlike other visitors to Bruny Island you will skip the wait for the ferry and enjoy a spectacular cruise from the waterfront of Hobart to Bruny Island on a private boat.

We are using Rob Pennicott’s-new 11.3m Naiad specialised vessels.  They feature a unique design with a spacious enclosed cabin, luxury leather seats, a toilet and large awning windows that allow guests to immerse themselves in their surroundings.  Guests can move freely throughout the boat during the voyage – great for photo opportunities!  After meeting your guides our 8 guests board the boat and explore the coastline south of Hobart on the way to Bruny Island!

The journey home can feel like you have been teleported. Instead of the several hours it can take by bus and ferry to return to Hobart, it takes just half an hour from stepping off the beach on Bruny to stepping out of the boat onto the bustling wharf of downtown Hobart, maximising your time on Bruny Island.

4) Our Food

Food Menu

Food is an element very closely connected with Bruny Island and an important part of our Long Weekend. For an island with around just 650 inhabitants, Bruny’s local produce is exceptional.

Much of Bruny Island’s produce, however, is difficult to source on a day tour or as a private visitor. It is in this aspect that we really excel. We are able to showcase the island’s produce through the meals we serve at camp each evening.

Almost 100% of the food we consume over the long weekend has been sourced from the island itself or within Tasmania. Our food miles are so low that in most instances, you will see where your food is produced on the same day that you eat it. You may even have met the person who made it.

Bruny Island Long Weekend Dining Table  Best place for a long weekend

5) Expert Guides

Our guides are among the best in the business and have a strong connection and a deep love for Bruny Island . We believe the sociocultural features of Bruny Island are as important as the natural features. As well as appreciating the diversity of flora, fauna and geology on Bruny Island, over the three days we lead guests on a journey of discovery through the history of Bruny Island from the Aboriginal people who called Bruny home; the early European explorers; the sealers, whalers and early settlers; and finally, to the people who now live and work on Bruny Island.

Bruny Island Lighthouse    Guide

6) We are one of the Great Walks of Tasmania

The Great Walks of Tasmania includes the state’s 8 leading guided walk experiences who have reached excellence in providing guided walks.

These walks were selected because they all give iconic, respected walking experiences and they share common values of sustainable high quality tourism that showcase Tasmania’s unique environments to our visitors.

To gain membership into the Great Walks of Tasmania a company must reach very high benchmarks such as being an accredited tourism operator, winning tourism awards at state or national levels, use exclusive accommodation and have a solid reputation for its ethics, customer service and quality

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7) The Original Bruny Island Walk

October 2018 marks the beginning of our 7th season operating multi-day walking tours of Bruny Island. As Bruny Island locals ourselves we have the close friendships that enable us to take you behind the scenes to experience Bruny Island in a way that no one else can.

Winner Tour and Transport Operators 2015 - StandardTourism Awards Logos - Silver - Tour and Transport Operators 2

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