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Sam Hauser – Oyster Farmer

Among the Island’s niche-agriculturalists is stock-broker-cum-oyster-farmer, Sam Hauser or Bruny Island Marine Farm. After today’s 12-kilometre wander we’re chauffeured to his office, on the banks of Adventure Bay. Trading sandy sneakers for wetsuit booties, we join him in knee-deep water where he shucks fresh oysters from the sea.

“After working in stockbroking for years I was made redundant when the GFC struck, so I serendipitously took up a job with a friend working on an oyster farm,” says Hauser, handing me a shell of creamy, briny deliciousness. It needs nothing more than a squeeze of lemon – how all good oysters should be.

“Needless to say, I loved working on the water and I eventually stuck a deal with the previous owner. I certainly haven’t regretted the change,” he grins from under a straw brimmed hat. I just cant imagine why…

– Alissa Jenkins, Australian Traveller, Sep 2013